Fitness Ankle puller


Portable and lightweight, easy to remove, high quality elastic tension training equipment. This product is very soft, The handle and foot position are made of elastic foam.
Shoulder exercises, hand exercises,exercise your arms, legs and back for sitting exercises. Improve stretch and flexibility at home, hotel rooms, offices and even outdoor private leg exercises.
The elastic traction rope adopts 4 traction ropes with high tensile strength and good elasticity.good sliding resistance. absorbent and slip resistant.
Suitable for cross fitter leadership pull-ups, muscle exercise, physical therapy, stretching exercises, strength training, etc.
Suitable for women, men, the elderly, children.
EVA foam wrap handle, non-toxic, non-irritating, comfortable, safe, environmentally friendly, avoiding exercise.

Vendor: Genexy
Department: Unisex
Function: Waist & Abdomen Exercise
Application: Pedal Exerciser